Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The last of Summer

These last few weeks have been as spectacular as ever. 

I went to the Wizard of Oz Singalong in the Castro :)

And ate vegan ice cream

And hung out with one of my favorite people and greatest friends

And then had delicious gluten free and vegan granola (with a green smoothie on the side) from Jane on Fillmore 

Soup and Salad from The Plant

And now onto the I'm freakishly obsessed with my Dog Maya photos:

She chews up all of her toys, the cutie pie!

And she lays all over my clean laundry 

And under my bed

She adores going on walks

But if I'm not up to it, she'll just head to get some coffee by herself 

I got to Spokane on Sunday after a hilarious road trip with my mom :) and have been settling into my room and training for my job since then. I'm so excited to share more about my house here (so cute) and my classes, job, life, all of it! 

Love you all! xoxo

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