Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On Berkeley

A few weeks ago I went to Berkeley to see some of my most hilarious friends. It was great and fun and lovely, but also quite scary because on some level I know that they are trying to kill me. How do I know this, you wonder? My friend Brian took me to the roof of his co op, and let me tell you, this is no level, unthreatening roof. This is one of those roofs that has multiple peaks and steep declines. Then, when we get onto this roof, he offers me a chair, what looks like an outdoor lounge chair from 1982 whose legs are straddling either side of the pointy roof peak. I sit because as dangerous as it is it's probably safer than standing up. 

After I'm sitting, he hands me wine. Wine. As in, an alcoholic beverage. Are you kidding me?

However, joke's on them because I'm still here and there was an incredibly beautiful sunset. 

Sorry about the photos, but even if I had brought my camera I would not have risked it on that roof. 

I have another story about Berkeley, too. It's embarrassing, but also something that must be documented. So here goes. 

Last week (two weeks ago?) I met my ex boyfriend in Berkeley for breakfast because he was in town and I am so breezy. We were eating great vegan food, having a lovely conversation, catching up, and frankly, I was feeling the way you want to feel when meeting up with an ex: good. I was drinking this Chai Latté that was one of those chais that tastes more like tea than sugar, which, for the record, is no chai drinker's desire. I was taking a sip- no, a gulp- being my cool self, probably making some joke about something really riveting and intellectual when you guessed it the chai got caught in my throat. So caught, in fact, that I spit it all over the table, all over my breakfast, all over my ex. 

And that my friends, pretty much summarizes the fun I had in Berkeley this summer :) If I'm being serious though, both experiences were pretty hysterical and make for some great stories. 


P.S. Hopefully there will be some photos of my room coming soon!! 

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