Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures or Nothing at All

As some of you have probably noticed, I haven't been traveling as much this semester. There are a few reasons for that. Primarily, I've run out of money. Another reason though, is that I am very tentative to spend too much time away from Paris in my last few months here. My life here has become really very fun, and I don't want to miss out on living in Paris in order to spend my weekends in an exhausted haze flying across countries in order to prove I was there. I want to spend my weekends with my european friends, having picnics in my favorite parks, trying out new cafés and running along the Seine. 

I do have a few trips coming up. I'm heading to Ireland (again, what can I say) in a few months and I'll be in Italy in a few weeks. Also, we are planning a little trip to my friend's house in the french country, so that will be fun. 

I want to spend my last few months in Paris in Paris. My goal isn't to see every part of Europe by the time I leave here, it's to have had an incredibly wonderful time. And to speak french, of course. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014


This weekend was really great. Last night we saw some of our favorite people and ran into our favorite bartender on the way home. He's leaving for a month so it was perfect to be able to say goodbye. We were going to go for a drink but we realized that it was literally after 5 in the morning, and that is both too early and too late to be drinking. 

This photo was taken last semester, but the sunset was just too beautiful not to capture. Oh Paris, I love you so. 


Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Days and Core Sundaes

Hugs not Drugs

School has been really challenging lately. After a particularly stressful test on Wednesday, my friend Maria and I decided to disrespect the parisian lifestyle completely by doing the unthinkable...

Going to Ben & Jerry's to experience first hand their brand new (and completely genius) concoction: The Core Sundae. It consists of two flavors of ice cream separated by your choice of sauce, upon a foundation of cone bits, topped with whip cream and sprinkles of your choice. It's enormous, and delicious. 

Maria, with the look of excitement that only comes from a looming sundae 

Tabby, who didn't get one (I don't understand, either)

The final product


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sculptures from Lille

Here are a few sculptures from Musée de la Piscine in Lille, France. It was such a cool museum. When my internet is stronger I will post more photos of the museum. It was so peaceful and gorgeous. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On being abroad for about six months

I can't believe I just got here six months ago. I can't believe I haven't been here for ever. 

Picture taken at the Musée de la Piscine in Lille, France

The other day I was walking and thinking about things that I'll miss about Paris and about the things I definitely won't. And I realized that there's so much about the United States that will shock me when I return, that even though I'm an American (and completely adore America as a place to live) there is no doubt part of me that will never get over having to leave Paris. It's my home now, and it won't be three months from now. And that's scary. 

Things I will miss about Paris: 

1. That you can walk everywhere, and if you can't walk you can probably take the metro
2. That you can go to Spain or Portugal or Italy or Germany (etc.) for the weekend
3. French- I love it
4. Art- it's everywhere, all the time, and mostly museums are free for me
5. The chocolate, the Macaroons (I've been meaning to photograph macaroons but (and this is a true story) I always eat them before I remember that I wanted a picture. Oh well, guess I'll just have to buy more)
6. The unhealthy sitcom like group dynamic I've got going with my friends here
7. The architecture! 
8. The cobblestones 
9. The parks
10. The classes- I've been learning so much from my history and art classes this semester. Not just about history and art, but about french
11. Stationary stores, all stores
12. Fresh food markets
13. The man that I joke with at the supermarket, the man that I joke with at the fruit juice stand, all my little broships with french people 
14. My room, I love my room
15. Marie Claire

Things I will not miss about Paris:

1. The fact that basically the entire city smells like human urine. Not dog urine, human urine.
2. Basically the whole city closes down on Sunday. And at like 10pm. Ugh. 
3. It's expensive. It's really expensive. 
4. Cramming myself into an already overflowing metro car
5. Being petrified that someone will steal my wallet. Or my phone. Or my dignity. Oh no wait, I have no dignity left to lose.
6. Being scared to special order. Also not being a vegan

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A few words to describe my life lately










back story: after a 16 hour overnight bus ride to venice, we all decided to go explore the city (obvs). By the time it was 4 in the afternoon I ended up napping in my hotel room (alone). I woke up at like 7 pm in a black room with sleeping noises next to me. I assumed Carine (my roommate) decided to take a nap with me. When I turned on the lights it was my friends Conor and Molly. So we just had some nice, communal nap time. 




Monday, March 10, 2014

I loved today

Today was a truly wonderful day. I realized that a lot of you probably don't know what I do with my life here on a day to day basis, so I thought since today was one of my favorite days (probably ever) I might as well give you a play by play.

6:30: Alarm goes off, hit snooze a thousand and twelve times. I set my alarm so early because I had my first history test today and despite studying a tad yesterday, I planned on getting up early and studying for an hour. Sunday night Kara is so hilarious. Really though, she's hilarious. I love the girl.
7:46: Actually get out of bed. I've come up with this new trick to turn my lamp on one of the first times my alarm goes off, then even if I turn the alarm off on accident I will probably still wake up. Genius, I tell you
7:57: Wake up one of my many french lovers and kick him out of my soft bed
8:04: Go downstairs to breakfast and eat with my friends. Talk loads about the French Revolution. Laugh and chat about the weekend. Monday mornings are my favorite debriefing sessions. I had yogurt with honey, a clementine that I picked up at the Bastille market on sunday, apple juice and mint tea. In case you were wondering.
8:44: Go up to my room and try to study. Instead, stumble across this blog and get nothing done.
9:07: Meet Mollie downstairs and walk to Hotel de Ville. There's a photography exhibit with a bunch of parisian scenes that we've been dying to see but the line is always unreasonably long. That's what monday mornings are for, right?

Keep in mind, I am studying on and off all throughout the morning. I'm not really a sit-down-and-look-at-a-book type of person. I am more into the glancing, testing, thinking, glancing method. Don't judge me, I have a 4.0. Just wanted to get that straight :)

10ish: get admitted into the museum after waiting in line for a while. We thought it opened at 9. oops. more study time. Also, mollie and I have this game we play where one of us will call out an emotion (bewildered! exasperated! melancholy!) and the other will make a face to match the emotion. It always makes us laugh insanely hard. We play it mostly when we wait for the bus but this was a suitable occasion, too.

10:15: Meet our friend Carine inside the exhibit. Study and regard... buy adorable post cards
11:00: Get some coffee at a nearby café. Chat about the French Revolution and also life.
11:30: Walk to school
12:07: Go to boulangerie by school. I got salmon and spinach quiche, raspberry mousse, and water. Also, I stopped eating all meat but fish. For those of you that care.
12:15: Meet our friend Conor in the Jardin du Luxembourg. He helped me so much with studying and just being a good friend. I started to panic a little- I hate test anxiety!
13:15: Take chill pill
14:00: Go to class. wait a painful 20 minutes for her to give us the test while reviewing as a class
14:25: Get the test. I completely overstudied. It's almost hilarious. I would be floored if I didn't get everything right. That sounded completely braggy. But come on, let's call a spade a spade. Or an A an A.
17:00: get out of class. I love history class. It's so interesting and lovely (and bloody!!) and it's one of my absolute favorite subjects.
5:15: Take the bus home. catch up with my friend Maria that went to Florence for the weekend. Yes Mimi, she did meet a handsome italian man
5:30: I'm home! And there's a pair of amazing jeans waiting for me in my mailbox! Thanks mom :) I run upstairs to try them on (6 floors, that's a lot of running) Not only are they perfect but they're my size and they fit perfectly. That is not to be taken for granted these days
5:40: Go running- tempo three miles
6:07: Get back home. I ran fast today

Then I wrote you this post. If it bores you, I'm sorry. It was really warm today, I didn't even need a sweater. Lately Paris has been incredible. So many wonderful things have been happening and my mood has been very positive as a result. Or perhaps my positivity is the cause of the good things. Who knows. I think that the winter weather was taking a toll on me that I didn't realize at the time, but now that the sun is here I truly never want to leave.

P.S. have you noticed my gorgeous photos lately? They're courtesy of my amazing camera and therefore my amazing mom

Dinner time :)


Sunday, March 9, 2014

I went to Nice two weekends ago

And it was weird... I mean, really weird. They had a parade for the Carnival of Flowers or something along those lines and a series of the weirdest floats I've ever seen. And lots of female nudity. #sexism


Bus selfie

The Citrus Carnival in Menton

All those lemons! Oranges!

Group shot! minus me

 I ate oysters and chips. I didn't really like them but, when in southern France...

This weekend was so great. The Sun came out in Paris and my oh my, it is gorgeous. The streets become so crowded with people and everything was absolutely wonderful. We have a new favorite bar with new favorite bartenders and a hilarious dj. I'd like to think they love us, there, too- I mean they give us free drinks and call us by name. In fact, they even let us put our stuff in the back room. We're totally in. 

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