Friday, August 29, 2014

Lamenting Paris

This totally brings me back to gorgeous Paris and those incredible mornings looking over rooftops as the sun rose. 

Go here to see more and have a spectacular weekend. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On Berkeley

A few weeks ago I went to Berkeley to see some of my most hilarious friends. It was great and fun and lovely, but also quite scary because on some level I know that they are trying to kill me. How do I know this, you wonder? My friend Brian took me to the roof of his co op, and let me tell you, this is no level, unthreatening roof. This is one of those roofs that has multiple peaks and steep declines. Then, when we get onto this roof, he offers me a chair, what looks like an outdoor lounge chair from 1982 whose legs are straddling either side of the pointy roof peak. I sit because as dangerous as it is it's probably safer than standing up. 

After I'm sitting, he hands me wine. Wine. As in, an alcoholic beverage. Are you kidding me?

However, joke's on them because I'm still here and there was an incredibly beautiful sunset. 

Sorry about the photos, but even if I had brought my camera I would not have risked it on that roof. 

I have another story about Berkeley, too. It's embarrassing, but also something that must be documented. So here goes. 

Last week (two weeks ago?) I met my ex boyfriend in Berkeley for breakfast because he was in town and I am so breezy. We were eating great vegan food, having a lovely conversation, catching up, and frankly, I was feeling the way you want to feel when meeting up with an ex: good. I was drinking this Chai Latté that was one of those chais that tastes more like tea than sugar, which, for the record, is no chai drinker's desire. I was taking a sip- no, a gulp- being my cool self, probably making some joke about something really riveting and intellectual when you guessed it the chai got caught in my throat. So caught, in fact, that I spit it all over the table, all over my breakfast, all over my ex. 

And that my friends, pretty much summarizes the fun I had in Berkeley this summer :) If I'm being serious though, both experiences were pretty hysterical and make for some great stories. 


P.S. Hopefully there will be some photos of my room coming soon!! 

The last of Summer

These last few weeks have been as spectacular as ever. 

I went to the Wizard of Oz Singalong in the Castro :)

And ate vegan ice cream

And hung out with one of my favorite people and greatest friends

And then had delicious gluten free and vegan granola (with a green smoothie on the side) from Jane on Fillmore 

Soup and Salad from The Plant

And now onto the I'm freakishly obsessed with my Dog Maya photos:

She chews up all of her toys, the cutie pie!

And she lays all over my clean laundry 

And under my bed

She adores going on walks

But if I'm not up to it, she'll just head to get some coffee by herself 

I got to Spokane on Sunday after a hilarious road trip with my mom :) and have been settling into my room and training for my job since then. I'm so excited to share more about my house here (so cute) and my classes, job, life, all of it! 

Love you all! xoxo

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Little Bit of Summer

This summer has been positively great. Despite the fact that I haven't made any money and that I haven't made progress on my future at all, I've had a grand ol' time and I've been really happy. There have been moments, bien sûr, when I've felt completely overwhelmed and insane, but that's all part of the process, or so I'm told. 

Have a great, great week. 


Kara Mary 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seattle Part 2

Here is another stream of Seattle photos because I'm not sure if you yet understand my desperate love for this city. I'm leaving for Spokane soon and when I do I plan on taking tons of photos with my awesome camera that's been so very neglected this summer. 

I took a photo of my Starbucks on top of the space needle- how very stereotypically Seattle of me

We went to the Chihuly museum and it was incredible. I seriously encourage you to go if you are in Seattle. It was gorgeous. I'll share the rest of the photos one of these days. 

And I met up with my sweet friend Mollie- what a cutie. 

I, of course, couldn't resist posting a photo of my sweet little Maya. 

Have an exciting week! I plan to. 


Friday, August 15, 2014


Two weekends ago we went to Seattle and it was, as always, buckets of fun. Here are a few photos...

Here's a cute little outfit I wore (if I do say so myself)...

And here are my absolutely ridiculous cousins in their bucket hats 

A photo of the sky with the Blue Angels in it. 

Doing the tourist thing

We had so much fun in Seattle- what an incredibly great city. Have spectacular weekends :)


Monday, August 11, 2014

In Other News

I got a dog! Correction... we got a dog. As I type this she's laying down next to me on my bed fast asleep acting more adorable than should be legal. Here are a few photos.

She looooves it when you scratch her tummy

Her name is Maya Mae Flageollet. She is a husky mix with the sweetest personality. She rips all of her toys apart- we got her a cute little squeaky hedgehog and also a bright pink little pig and both of them are now just empty cotton animal carcasses. I don't care though, because SHE IS SO SWEET AND SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND. Really, my best friend. 



Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Essay

I wrote an essay last night about how I am literally going to die without ever working a "real" job. And I've decided to share it with you here. 

I’m never going to get a job, I said today to my mom, John and my Auntie MaryKate. And I meant it, too. Because I’m 21 and an English/French major and extremely overwhelmed with the daunting project that is an adult life and also, understandably, because I have never in my life had a real job before.

For years I’ve been a babysitter, I even earned the title of Nanny for a few fleeting weeks while living in Paris. I’ve dog sat, house sat, cat sat, but mostly, I’ve just sat. Sat on my ass as the years passed me by and the crows feet appeared, that is. Okay, fine, I also wrote for my college paper for a few years but frankly, seeing as it’s student run and also seeing as my editors barely even read my articles it just doesn’t count. And if it does, it only does a tiny bit.

I know what you’re thinking: Kara, you’re 21, you’re young and bright and you’ve got your whole future ahead of you. To that I say slow down you crazy optimistic middle-aged/elderly family member of mine, slow the hell down. Because if you don’t understand then I must clarify- I HAVE NEVER HAD A REAL JOB, with like a salary or even some sort of pay by the hour type of situation. Not at McDonald’s, nor Nordstrom, nor Target, nor Starbucks. I haven’t paid my dues at the bottom, I didn’t build my way up to manager of the movie theatre by age 17 like my brother did, I do not, in fact, have what it takes to be an employee. If you don’t believe me, ask absolutely any person that works, I don’t know, anywhere.

I know where your mind is now, so it’s important that you know how hard I’ve tried. Not only did I apply to low paying entry level jobs at places that hire unqualified high schoolers (who are evidently more employable than I) but also to internships in absolutely every. Single. field. Except for maybe, math, science, whatever. I applied to over 20 positions. I heard back from three companies. Two gave me immediate, standard, impersonal, mass rejections. The Third gave me an interview with a “let’s set up a second” at the end. A freaking ton of false hope, all compacted into one sweet sentence from a girl in a maxi skirt and a hat (probably to hide her horns). And then months of complete silence. And they say dating’s rough on the ol’ self-esteem.

Here I am, learning as much as I possibly can at school, reading books in my spare time to learn more, spending years exploring Europe alone, writing for pleasure and writing for love, and I am broke and alone, with not even a paycheck to keep me warm at night.

Quite frankly, I am a freaking catch. If someone hired me to work for them I would come in early, stay late, flatter my superiors, colleagues and inferiors (okay, there would be no inferiors, but it’s the thought yada yada yada) pick up the slack, delegate properly, listen intently and think constantly. I would kick some serious ass.

Now this is the point where the conclusion would typically infer something about it being their loss and that I’m super awesome, but that’s inapplicable here because it is 100% false.

It’s my loss. And if I can’t get a job now, nobody is going to hire me a year from now. What is wrong with her, they’ll say, that she didn’t get a real job before she was 21? Oh, haha, they’ll laugh, it’s because she’s a French major who listed nannying under experience.

When I go to sleep at night I hear the violent cackling of my future rejecters, and I feel the torrential dread settle upon my chest like an obese and fanged rabbit. Pushing down onto my lungs, digging its claws into my chest, causing uncontrollable panic, refusing to leave or stop. Because I am completely unemployable. And I am completely doomed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

As of Late

I've been getting a stream of complaints lately. More like a river. Like the russian river of complaints if you will. A forceful incoming of grievances all in regard to my lack of posting thrilling things about my thrilling life. No joke. Calls, emails, face to face confrontations. People are angry! So in order to pacify the rioters and satisfy the needs of the citizens, I am back. Not better than ever, but back on these pages with some fun tales. 

I met Vernon Davis at the airport! I loove him. No, really. He's my favorite athlete. He was even my profile picture one time. 

So, story: We were at SFO to pick up my brother, Nicholas, but merci to a lucky coincidence we ended up at the wrong terminal. By coincidence I mean my mother thinking Nick was on United when he was actually flying Virgin... but no matter. It was pure fate. As we were in the elevator heading to the terminal from the parking garage we saw a driver with a sign reading Vernon's name. And basically stalked him. 

When Vernon came down to where all the drivers (and we, duh) were waiting, he made a sign to the driver and dove directly toward baggage claim and out of view. Of course I understood him not wanting to be bombarded by annoying and overenthusiastic fans, but seeing as I am not either of those things, I ran after him. He was standing alone by a baggage belt and my mom and I went up and I was completely cool as I said "Uh Mr. Davis Sir I'm a huge fan I'm so so sorry to bother you could I please have a photo please?" He was so pleasant and obviously, adorable. My mom made a comment about him holding out on signing for next season and how much we love him no matter what and he laughed like a sport. Pun not intended.  

And then we made it over to the proper terminal and found my brother. Which was considerably less exciting. Sorry about the quality of this photo. 

And we went to Tahoe with my cousin Andrew. Also, this is a horrible picture of all three of us. 

And Nick was being rude so I took a photo of him sleeping...

But then he woke up so I took this one, too

This is Andrew and his brother Daniel doing that joke-fighting thing that people do? on my grandmother's couch. They're special, they are. 

My brother took this photo and about 703 more selfies of him and various people at my Welcome Home Party. I kid you not, we all keep finding more on our phones.

And then he left again. We got the right terminal the second time around. 

So that's my lately. Also, I feel the need to disclose that all of the complaints I mentioned above have come from the same source- my grandmother Mimi. They still count though! 

Thanks for reading. xo

Thursday, July 10, 2014

On Andrew

My cousins came down from Washington a few weeks ago and it's been fun and hilarious. When we were in Tahoe my cousin offered to model for me and so here are the awesome photos of Andrew. He didn't know they'd turn up on the blog... sorry I'm not sorry?

Please excuse the messy cabin, you know how it goes.