Monday, October 21, 2013

A petit announcement or two

First... I got a job! 
If six months in Afghanistan didn't kill Nick, the shock of this might. Too soon? At least I think I'm funny. 
I'm babysitting four days a week for this really cute family with a great apartment. The kids are cute, one was dressed like a pumpkin, the other actually looks like an angel. The mom is a painter (like, a real one) and the father is a lawyer. But did I mention the apartment? It has a prime location and is massive. And covered in books and movies and art. And they have amazing windows! I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing it will be when it's christmastime and the apartment is all lit up and there's a tree and snow. Just magical. And the kids, they're cute too. 
So, I'm excited about that and then also...
I'm running a half marathon in Paris in March. 
No, really, I am. I'm registered and everything. 
Below is my disjointed attempt to explain to you why I want to run a half marathon in Paris: 

It’s like when you read Nietzsche for the first time you don’t understand it at all. But somehow you want to read more. And then you do, and it still makes no sense, but as you weed your way through it kind of begins to mean something. I promise, I’m not trying to be completely pretentious right now, it’s just a side effect of the cockiness that comes with training for a half marathon in Paris.
But it begins to mean something, and by the time you get to the end it was all worth it, even if you still don’t get it. Because the finished product (the understanding, the 13 miles) isn’t what it’s all about. It’s about the six months preceding the finish line, and about the seven times you picked up the book to read it again. 

And that's why I'm running a parathon. that's my combination of the words paris and marathon. pretty clever, i know, right? 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I'm in a really, really, really cool café that I plan in living in for the next few months. It gives you free internet and free snacks and the people here speak to you in French even though they know you're american.

This has been a really odd week. I've been feeling in extremes. I've gone to a lot of class, baked a cake, read a little, stopped watching TV, ran a bunch of kilometers (well, relatively), and booked a trip to Ireland. By the way, the trips that are booked are: Madrid, Ireland, Morocco. The trips that I'm working on are: Swiss Alps (right after christmas to ski), and amsterdam.

Everyone tells you that it's so cheap to fly within Europe. What they should say is it's so cheap (well, relatively) to fly in Europe. Because yes, taking a plane from Paris to Ireland is not very expensive compared to the flight I take to Spokane from Oakland, but it's still expensive! And I'm broke.

So right now, in this heavenly café I am applying for jobs. I'm excited to stay in Paris this weekend. Seriously, I've been on the go since I've been here and it'd be nice to get drunk in a familiar city.

I miss you all :) xo

My next post will be interesting, and all photos! I'm sorry I've been slacking on the photos lately...

Monday, October 14, 2013

I wrote this last week!

I'm writing this in a cute little checkered hallway in my cute little brick filled school filled with cute little french people. My great friend Mary is sitting next to me looking very european in tights and shorts, which is majorly trending over here. I'm trying to post pictures from this weekend to facebook now that there's some sort of decent internet connection (unlike that in my room, which I pay- okay, my mom pays- 15 euro/month for). 

For lunch I had a little salad and some fromage blanc with blackberry jam. It was so delicious. 

But this weekend, let's get back to that. Hold on! They are playing wake me up before you go go in the quad. haha. Now, let's get back to the weekend. I went to Germany, and it was so great. Saturday was spent exploring Heidelberg, a town that was even more charming than I am. Hard to believe, I know. It turns out that my mom has also been there. That's pretty crazy, considering what a little town it is and how we aren't the type of people that often travel Europe. No, that's not true, I'm completely that type of person. I went to an adorable apothecary museum that was really small and really lovely. It was full of beautiful jars and tables, and had the feel of a cottage that was still being occupied. 

I live stuff like that. Really obscure and small museums that are genuinely interesting but not at all overwhelming. It was so homey, and so easy to be in. Unlike going to the Louvre (which is also a great experience, just different), going to apothecary museums in Germany is easy. And things like that are why I love doing things like this. 

Everyone in the GU in Paris program went on the trip and that night we all stayed in a surprisingly nice hotel and drank wine and ate chocolate. We did some serious bonding. 

Sunday was spent at Germany's second largest beer festival. Now they're playing Cher, I kid you not. The beer festival though, was oh goodness. If you'd like to see just how much fun then you might head on over to facebook and go stalk me. You'll laugh, I promise. Unless you're nanny, then you might cry.

I wrote this last week but never got a change to upload photos, and blog posts without photos are pretty boring, so I waited for the internet necessary for the picktchas.


Also, Oscar Hijuelos, and I am mourning him. He had so, so much talent. And I think the world is less valuable without him. 

The photos are of my trip to the Catacombs, which were really very creepy and they made me super uncomfortable. I'm glad I went, but I don't plan on returning. All of the skeletons are from children. Not to mention, it took a lot of stairs to get down there. 

I've resorted to drinking wine before 12. When in Paris...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Favorite things in Paris

Now that I’ve been here for three weeks, it’s time to do important things like laundry and blogging. I benefit from the first, you from the second.

I love where I live (on île st. Louis, really easy to locate on a map). It’s in the 4eme arrondissment, a beautiful place full of shopping and crêpes, two of my very favorite things. I’ve bought an inappropriate amount of clothes since I’ve been here. Also, I ate ribs and felt really sick, but it was worth it. From now on though, the only animals I eat are fish and chicken.

Tourists mistake me for a French person all the time. In fact, I get complimented on my English frequently. Only one French person has mistaken me for a Parisian though. Still, I’m proud.

I am going to tell you something I thought I’d never say: I’m tired of bread. They serve it for breakfast lunch and dinner and I’ve almost given it up altogether. It’s just lost its appeal for the moment.

If you want to read more about my life here, you should read my column for the bulletin. It’s online, and since there are editors enforcing my deadline, I actually write weekly.

Since I don’t have much time, I’ll just give you a few of my Parisian favorites:

Food: fromage blac/onctueux
Ice cream: Amorino (I think it’s actually gelato, and not French, but details…)
Place: Shakespeare and Co. bookstore
Chocolate shop: Maison Georges Larnicol (I’ve spent over 30 Euros here)
Thing to do: Read books in English, oh how I miss basic comprehension 
Shopping: around St. Sulpice
Neighborhood: Mine, hands down
Museum: L’Orangerie (as of right now, I haven’t seen enough of anything to make a permanent declaration. This one is incredible though, and small, which is nice)
Boulangerie: I can’t remember the name at the moment, but I can take you there!

Thank you to everyone that has emailed me. Patrice, I loved your email! Even if I don't respond, I still love your emails so please keep sending them :) I miss you all. 

Also, if you'd like my address then pester my mother.

I think that you'll all be relieved to know that I'm really, really happy here. I’m not happy all day every day, but my foundational emotion is joy. 

My goal is to blog about twice a week going forward, so check in on my little website here and there if you're interested. I'm going to oktoberfest this weekend, wish me luck! 

Also, there will be more pictures to come, my internet is so bad that it won't upload any! I know, I have such problems. 

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